Your Home Check-up List for a Smooth Summer

Keeping your home running smoothly all year long gives you less to worry about. During the summer, when kids are not in school and vacations abound, take some time to give your home a check-up. From your front porch to your backyard and everything in between, make sure your house is in working order this summer and it will not only make your summer easier, your fall start back to work and school will be less stressful.

Inside Your Home:

  • Change the air-conditioner filter
  • Clean and repair lights, fans and fixtures – replace burned out lightbulbs
  • Clean your home’s windows and add screens, shades or sunlight blocking film to keep it cooler inside and help with electricity bills
  • Get rid of clothes and shoes that your kids have outgrown, and switch out seasonal items in everyone’s closet
  • Repot inside plants that have outgrown their containers and position them near sunny windows for optimal growth

Outside Your Home:

  • Inspect your irrigation system to make sure all parts are working so your lawn stays watered all summer long
  • Lay down a new layer of mulch on your garden beds to protect your summer flowers
  • Trim bushes and trees often to keep them away from fences and power lines
  • Power wash your sidewalks, driveway, walkways and patio
  • Thoroughly clean outdoor furniture top to bottom
  • Repair or replace outdoor cushions, pillows, and rugs
  • Refinish your deck or wooden fence if it needs sprucing up