Wanting a pool for summer? Get started now!

A swimming pool in your backyard offers hours of family fun. Now that you’ve made it past the hurdle of February, summertime is just around the corner! If you’ve dreamed of having a pool, now is the time to get started building one of your own – it’s an 8 to 12 week process.

First you’ll need to decide on an inground or above ground pool. Your choice will depend upon your budget, lifestyle and the space available. Size and shape as well as depth should be considered.

Next, think about your pool’s must-haves. Pool heaters or chillers regulate the temperature of the water, in addition to the pump and filter which keep the water clean.

  • Finishes like tile and stone add style
  • Additions like stairs and ladders add accessibility
  • Accessories like slides and diving boards add fun
  • Features like fences and covers keep your family safe

Once you have a vision, find a builder to help you bring it to life. Ask friends and family who have pools for recommendations. Talk to several builders and get quotes from your three favorites.

After securing permits, your chosen builder will excavate, add steel work, and install plumbing and electrical. They’ll pour concrete or install a fiber glass or vinyl shell depending on your plan. Finally, they’ll finish with decking and landscaping. All that’s left before summer’s first swim is to fill it, add necessary pool chemicals, get familiar with your pool equipment and dive in!