Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Now your home can be as smart – well, almost as smart – as you are. From connected thermostats to connected bathroom mirrors, almost everything in your home can make your life easier, more convenient and more connected. With the explosion of connected goods available, your house can practically talk to you!

Smart Home gadgets and systems can connect to the internet – and to each other. They can be as simple as connected window shades or more complicated systems like surveillance and heating.

Smart Outlets can connect to your Alexa or Siri and control what’s plugged into them. These would be ideal for using voice commands to turn off your pool pump or your patio lights at the end of the day.

Smart Surveillance cameras and connected systems help you see what’s happening in your yard when you’re not home. They capture motion-triggered video as well as light up when there is movement. And, you can watch it all on your phone. In addition to Smart Home security, there are smart locks for doors and smart doorbells.

To control the inside of your home, Smart Thermostats are readily available, as are new smart device controlled air conditioner window units. Tell your house to be hot or cold with a simple voice command, even when you’re not there. And with smart lightbulbs you can set sleep routines and soothing colors to create your very own home of the future right now.