Trends in Kitchen Design

2021 find homeowners craving nostalgia, better usability and delightful surprises. From fresh takes on old favorites to using materials in new ways, the trends in kitchen design this year are all about individuality. 


We’re done with gray kitchens! Choose bold colors and show them off in tile, paint or fabric surfaces. Contrast two bright hues together for a lively and unique kitchen color idea, or paint one showpiece – like a kitchen island – in a bright pop of color. Mixing materials, patterns, and finishes can add more color and more fun into an otherwise utilitarian space.


In a fresh twist on the mid-century modern look, contemporary kitchen trends are borrowing simplicity, warm woods, handle-less cabinetry, floating shelves and monochromatic color palettes to create the illusion of more space and light.


Following the trend of slowing down, nostalgia is showing up in thoughtfully designed kitchens with a revival of sink skirts, vintage pieces, more wood finishes, ceramics and stone, and handmade curated artwork. Retro styled kitchen offer comfort and familiarity.


The new “broken-plan” designed kitchen turns usability into an artform with specific zones for tasks broken up by movable screens, walls or large furniture. Hidden appliances make kitchen usability more efficient. Kitchens with mud rooms and utility rooms, and even mini-offices have put homeowner’s kitchen at the center of importance in home design.