Tips on Relocating to a New Neighborhood

You’ve sold your old home. You’ve found your dream home. It’s in the neighborhood you’ve always wanted to be in – but you really don’t know your way around over there. What can you do? There are a few tips to make a transition to a new neighborhood a little less anxious and a lot more fun.

Before You Move – Check Out the Local Retail

Are there neighborhood restaurants you’ll be able to walk to from your new house? Grab a meal or two, meet the owners. Scope out where the grocery stores are. Where would you buy gas? Fill a prescription? Buy socks for your kids? Get a handle on all the nearby retailers.

Let Your Utility Companies Know You’re Moving

Contact your water, electricity, gas, phone, internet and any other utilities that need to know you’re moving and let them know your move-in dates, so they’ll be no interruption in the services you count on every day.

Take a Few Walks Around the Neighborhood

Your new neighbors would love to meet you! So take a few walks in the evening, when people are outside in their yards. Meet your new neighbors, pet the dogs, and marvel at the babies. Knowing some friendly faces when you finally land will make you feel less disoriented.

With a little planning ahead, your new neighborhood can feel like home quickly – and you’ll fit right in.