Tips for Buying a Home as a Senior

Empty nesters and seniors have different home needs than people buying their first home in their 20s. And while some seniors stay in their homes and remodel them to meet their needs, some senior opt for downsizing or changing locations.

What should seniors look for in a new home then? Features that support their current lifestyle – whether that’s golf or gardening – are key to finding a new dream home. Choosing a new home as a senior might mean close to a golf course, a senior center, a hospital, or grandkids. It might mean moving to a more walkable urban area, trading a big family home for a downtown condo.

Many seniors are choosing to downsize to a smaller home for lower heating and cooling costs, to clean less, and to have their entire living space on one floor. These smaller homes might only have just enough bedrooms for their senior and a visitor. Smaller yards – with little to no landscaping labor required, but amenities like a covered patio or a hot tub, are also attractive.

Look for homes with lots of storage and counter space in the kitchen. Homes with few to no stairs – either inside or out. A conveniently laid-out laundry room and bathroom. Homes that already have handrails, wheelchair access and seated showers, or can easily have those amenities added. Your real estate agent can locate these homes that meet your needs and make your search more focused and easier on you.