Summer Fun: Family Game Night

Plus up your family game night this summer! Whether you play indoor or outdoor games, keep them coming back for more.

Indoor Game Night

If board games are your family’s thing, make sure everyone gets a say in what you play! Assign each family member a date where they get to choose both the game and the snack.

If you have smaller children, try easy games like Hot Potato and Jenga. Elementary school kids love games like Bananagrams or Bingo – and little do they know they’ll be learning vocabulary and spelling in the process. Older kids enjoy the complexity and competitiveness of old standards like Monopoly, UNO or Clue. And Minute-to-Win-It is a good one for a mixed-age family because it is based on completing a series of simple tasks in a row.

Outdoor Game Night

Create an Obstacle Course in the yard and time each family member’s race through it. Hide small items around the yard and play Scavenger Hunt. Preschoolers will always enjoy a simple game of Hide and Seek, and Hopscotch in the driveway. Or, teach them old school games like jacks, marbles or cornhole.

For a digital twist you can try with adults and college age kids, using your game console and laptops or phones. It’s a multi-player gameshow style game with plenty of laughs, some grossing out and a touch of humiliating honesty.

Whatever you choose, make sure everyone gets a turn to participate, make snacks or meals a big deal, and award prizes or a traveling trophy!