Setting Your Real Estate Goals

Buying, selling, remodeling? The beginning of the year is a great time to decide your real estate goals this year. And whatever your goal, know that 2022 is the year to tackle it. Why? Interest rates are still low, if you’re buying. Inventory is low so your home is hot property, if you’re selling. Remodeling to add that home office or plussed-up backyard will add much more enjoyment to your time spent at home. Set goals and cross them off your list. You can do it!

Buying a home

Break this goal into smaller parts like: identifying the attributes of a home you must have, finding a real estate agent who “gets you”, saving up a down payment, getting pre-qualified for your mortgage, paring down your belongings to make your eventual move easier.

Selling a home

Selling your home has mini goals along the way as well. Start by finding a real estate agent who can maximize your home’s value. Clean your home from top to bottom. Make any repairs that are needed. Stage your home by setting clear purposes for each room and removing personal items. Add paint, plants, and anything else you need outside for curb appeal.

Remodeling a home

Ask friends, neighbors and your real estate agent for contractor/designer recommendations. Choose a contractor/designer who really understands your needs. Set clear goals – needs and wants both – for your new addition. Be patient as work progresses, celebrating each step along the way.