Reflect and Plan

The end of the year is typically the time to take a look back and at the same time chart a path forward. In a year of uncertainty, upheaval and loss it’s well worth your time to think about where you’ve been and where you’re going. Adaptation is key as circumstances can change.

Acknowledgement – to Yourself and Others

Give yourself some grace for this past year, and for the next. Reflect on the things you did well. Think about those that helped you along the way. Acknowledge both your success and their contribution to your success.

Kudos – You Made It

You did something right – you’re here celebrating the New Year! Adapting to circumstances beyond your control must be your superpower! Take some time to celebrate your courage, your perseverance, and your strength.

Goal Setting – Tackling the To-Do List

Plan what you want to do with the next year. Take big goals and break them into smaller monthly, weekly, or daily bits. For instance you may have the goal of re-doing the living room in your house. Break this into small steps like making a vision board, painting a wall, buying a rug. Make a list of all the steps and assign yourself a small step every week.

Accountability – Bring a Friend Along

Enlist a friend or family member to help you plan and execute your goals. Check in with them weekly for accountability and companionship as you move forward with your plan.