Presidential Style for Your Home

In honor of President’s Day this year and throughout 2022, decorate your home with presidential style. How? Show strength, boldness, or a defining characteristic. Don’t follow the beaten path. Express your true self. These are all lessons to apply for presidential style and design in your home.

Are you someone that truly loves unique art, collects a specific type of glassware, or keeps your grandmother’s china in mint condition? Showcase your collection by giving it a whole wall, or a grand presentation in your living room or sideboard. Many presidents have been known to showcase an collection of paintings, antiques, or unique pieces of art. 

If you’re a bold personality – bring your signature color to the forefront, like many first ladies have. Paint a wall in your bedroom with your favorite bold, bright color and then decorate the room around it. Or opt for a sofa or side chairs in a bold color instead of a neutral to add high style to your living room.

Eclectic tastes and a passion for mixing and matching pattern and color have often been delightful in past designs for presidential libraries or sitting rooms. With one unifiying color you can mix multiple patterns together to create a one-of-a-kind room that reflects your unique personality.

Easy presidential? You can make any room grand by adding mirrors to bounce the light around and make the space feel bigger. And adding a large painting with an ornate frame will add scale.