Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

Thinking of tackling your closet as an organization project this fall? You’re not alone! While this task can feel overwhelming at the start, there are a few steps to take, in a certain order, that will guarantee you’ll have a better experience organizing your closet like a pro.

First, take everything out of your closet space and clean it top to bottom.

Then, go thru all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories you’ve removed and try everything on. If it doesn’t fit or is worn out or out of style (or just doesn’t make you happy any more) put it in a pile to donate or throw away.

What’s left? Only stuff you like that fits and makes you happy. That’s half the battle. Now to organize it. Start by grouping like-items together such as pants, long-sleeve shirts, dresses, work-out clothes, etc. 

Using baskets, shelves, group-hangers, wall hangers, shoe cubbies and the like you can keep your groupings together for easy access. For instance, sweaters can be folded on a shelf. Blouses can be hung on a group hanger together to save space. 

Now re-fill your closet with these items in their groups. This type of organization makes it easier for you to actually see what you have. Hang a mirror on the inside of the closet door to make your morning outfit decisions more quickly. Once your closet is organized you’ll breathe a sigh of relief and your morning routine will be instantly simplified.