Make Memories with Fun Fall Activities for Kids

The fall season brings a variety of fun fall activities for kids that are sure to bring a smile to the faces in your family.

Handprint Art

Handprints don’t just make nice turkeys, they make amazing leaves! Mix tempera paints into fall colors: red, orange, yellow, brown. Kids can use their handprints in these colors, add a stem and voila – decorative fall leaves from everyone in your family. Cut them out to make a wreath, or string them to decorate a window.

Pick Apples

Visit an apple orchard for a day of outdoor apple picking. Bring home your bounty and create memories with apple pie baking, dried apple chips in the oven, apple head carving, apple stamping and more.

Decorate Your Patio or Porch

Kids can help paint clay pots and wooden boxes to fill with fall plants for your porch or patio. Save money by finding these items at garage sales, thrift stores and sometimes even dumpsters. Making something beautiful out of nothing is not only satisfying, it teaches children to be mindful of their resources.

Make a Memory Bowl

As you go on walks with your children, have each child find one amazing thing to bring back and put in a memory bowl that will serve as a centerpiece for upcoming family dinners. From fuzzy pods to strange rocks and dried butterflies, this bowl will be a touchpoint for memories all season.