Make it Happen – Save for a Big Down Payment

Is your goal for 2022 to buy your first home? One of the biggest challenges in this process is saving for your down payment. The amount is often daunting, but you can take these steps and use these tips to make it happen for you.

Know Your Number

What is the amount you need to save? Knowing is half the battle. Saving money toward a set goal is easier than just saving money because you can easily do the math to see how much is left. There’s a countdown. There is a mental reward. So set a clear savings goal and if you can open a separate savings account just for this down payment.

Optimize Your Budget

Get your current overhead down as much as possible. Know that this is a short-term (maybe a year at most) situation that you’re maybe going to live without extra cable channels, or new shoes or eating out so much. Streamline where you can and then put that money you didn’t spend into your down payment account.

Start a Side Hustle

Get a temporary job (again, think at most for a year) for some evenings and weekend time. Know that this situation is temporary, and it is for a greater good – your new house! Put this entire extra paycheck into your down payment account and watch it grow even faster. You’ll have your down payment saved before you know it.