Live Beautifully – Time to Freshen Your Space

As you’re resolving all the things this month, resolve to live beautifully in your home! You can easily freshen your space with small tips and tricks, and make your home more beautiful a little bit at a time this year.

Easy tips to freshen your space.

  • 10-minute clean-ups: pick one area and do a deep clean. Choose small areas that you can tackle in 10 minutes or less. Clean a window – frame, glass, sill, curtain rod tops. Just do one window a day, and in no time, more sunshine!
  • 5-minute declutter: pick a bookshelf, a table top, or a drawer and re-organize it. Make sure you absolutely need and use whatever you touch. If not, donate it or toss it. Wipe down, fold, or straighten each item as put it back.
  • Prune each plant: pick one plant per week to trim the dead leaves off, wipe down the pot, add plant food, and get it back to tip top shape. Healthy green plants easily beautify any room.
  • Rotate your art: move artwork around in your home to give new life to a room. Same goes for books, accessories, lamps, throw pillows. 
  • Layout your living room: try moving the furniture in your living room around into a different configuration. Freshen up your space by making it feel like a different room!
  • Sights, sounds, smells: Add a scented candle, fresh cut flowers, a new music playlist to brighten your day.