Kids Safety – Trick or Treating Safety

Kids are ready to dress up as their favorite character, trick-or-treat at their neighbors’ houses and score a lot of candy this Halloween. Staying safe on Halloween isn’t scary when you use these four tips for staying safe:

  1. Stick Together – if kids trick-or-treat as a group or with parents, make sure everyone sticks together from house to house. Have a bigger kid or parent at the front of the group as the leader, and another bigger kid or parent at the end of the group to make sure there the little ones catch up.
  2. Flashlights for Everyone – kids love flashlights, and Halloween is the one night of the year that flashlights are for everyone to carry. Flashlights can help you identify your brother who’s getting too far ahead or point out that bump in the sidewalk that you might trip over. And of course, it makes it easier to see how many chocolate bars you’ve gotten so far.
  3. Only Visit Homes That Look Friendly – Neighbors who are giving out treats have their porch and interior lights on waiting to greet you. Avoid knocking on dark houses – that means either no one is home or there’s no candy being passed out there.
  4. Check Your Treat Bag Before Diving In – Have an adult look thru everyone’s treat bag before anyone has a treat. And then, for goodness’ sake, save some for tomorrow!