Indoor Fun with Little Ones

Still basking in the glow and sugar high of Valentine’s Day? Keep your kids’ warm feelings going (while it’s freezing outside) with these simple, fun indoor activities! Here are some easy ideas to get you started. Make snow days and sick days a lot more fun this winter. 

  1. Box Building: Any shipping box can become a playhouse, car, doll house, rocket ship, you name it. Get out the markers and put on your thinking cap! You could even make a small replica of your own house.
  2. Play Dough: Both a science experiment and a kitchen cooking project, homemade salt dough has been entertaining kids for generations. Made with pantry items and colored with food coloring kids will have as much fun making this as they will playing with it.
  3. Feats of Strength: or, feats of silliness is more like it. Who can build the tallest house of cards? The highest stack of marshmallows, the biggest cup castle? The possibilities are endless.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: For kids of all ages! Make a list of common household items that your kids must go find, searching in every room of the house.
  5. Winter Fort: This one’s inside, so use pillows, blankets, sofa cushions and chairs. Kids will love building their own space and hanging out in it all day with their books, toys and snacks. It’s ok to leave it up all day or all weekend to maximize the fun.