How to Move Homes When You Own Pets

Moving to a new home is stressful for everyone – even your pets. But there are ways to make this transition calmer and as simple as possible for your fur babies. 

Pets don’t like change. Overall, try to keep your pet’s routines as normal as possible before and during a move. Bring packing boxes in early and take your time packing. Keep one room of your house intact until the last minute, and keep them in there while you pack to minimize their fear. On the day of the move try to keep pets in a quiet room with the door shut, or at a trusted friend’s house.

If you need to move long distance, acclimate your pet to a crate beforehand so that a long car ride or a plane flight in a crate won’t be totally unfamiliar. You can help them enjoy their crate time by adding treats and toys to the experience. Try carrying them around the house or taking them for drives in their crate before you move to make it feel routine. Once your pet arrives at your new home, instead of turning them loose in an empty house, set up one room with familiar items. Keep them in that room while you set up the rest of the house. As they feel more comfortable you can welcome them into other finished rooms of the house until they feel – and act – as if they are “home” again.