Helpful Garage Organization

It might look overwhelming now, but having your garage organized will help you stay on top of home and car maintenance, cleaning, lightbulbs, camping gear, craft projects, kids sports, and more! With some helpful garage organization tips, you’ll look and your garage and smile – because you’ll finally know where everything is.

The secret to garage organization is storing things in zones – areas where things that are used together, stay together. For instance: all of your gardening tools, supplies and materials should live together, whether that’s in a shelf, cabinet, or storage container. Make sure you include these 4 containers in your garage with easy access at all times: Trash, Recycle, Donate, Put Away. Having a system for putting things away will make all the difference in garage organization.

Get as much as you can off the floor. Use wall hangers for brooms. Hang bikes from the ceiling. Build shelves on all available walls. For extra strong shelves build them from the ceiling down, anchored in the ceiling studs. Strong shelves can hold storage bins and heavy things like boxes of tile, storage tubs or electric tools. Peg board can serve as a way to hang up and grab your small tools easily.

Put least-used things in the hardest to reach spaces (like your once-a-year holiday decorations), and put things you need often in closer proximity. When you’re done putting everything in its place, give the floor a thorough sweeping. You’re now the proud owner of a clean garage!