Halloween Block Party Ideas

This year, get your whole neighborhood involved in an all-out Halloween Block Party! Halloween parties are perfect right now because they’re outside, the weather is beautiful and kids are ready for some neighborhood fun with their street blocked off for the night. Here are some ideas to add to your Halloween this year:

  1. Paper Bag Lanterns – Neighborhood kids can decorate a paper lunch bag: with paint, crayons, markers and even cut-outs, and as it gets dark add a mini flameless tea light to each bag and set them up and down the street to light the night’s festivities. (You can also decorate milk jugs as ghosts and add the light through a hole in the back.)
  2. Pumpkin Bowling – Have access to extra pumpkins? Set up pins, tin cans, milk cartons or 2-liter bottles and bowl actual pumpkins at them right in the street.
  3. Pumpkin Painting Party – Use acrylic paint to decorate pumpkins and gourds. Seal the color with a spray on gloss fixative. Have a contest for spookiest or most colorful pumpkin!
  4. Skull Egg Hunt – Kids can paint a skull on hard-boiled eggs and then parents can hide them, just like an Easter Egg hunt but for tiny skulls!
  5. Pumpkin Drop – Like getting messy? Kids can drop pumpkins from a high place and watch them splat on the concrete. Be sure and add the mess to your compost!