Get Your Home Organized for Back-to-School

Take time to organize your home to make it easier for your kids to transition back to school. The overall goal for these school time hacks is to build your kids’ self-sufficiency, and make less work for you.

School Stuff
Create a space at the point of entry (like your front door, or the door to the garage) where backpacks and jackets will live. As kids go to school and come home, stress the importance of keeping all items in this area so they don’t get lost.

School Snacks
Designate a shelf in your pantry as the snack shelf. Make sure your kids can reach this area and self-serve snacks after school, so there’s less work for you. You can expand this idea to lunch-making, and teach your kids to make their own lunches every morning using items from the lunch shelf in the pantry and/or refrigerator.

School Work
Set up a homework spot that will stay the same all year for each child. Make sure they have all the supplies they’ll need to do their homework after school, and after snack, every day. By giving homework prominent space you are showing your kids that it is a priority.

School Clothes
Whether they’re wearing uniforms or regular clothes, help them organize on Sunday of each week to make sure they have their outfits sorted for the whole week. This will reduce stress every morning.