Finding Space for a Home Office

Remote work has turned part of almost everyone’s home into a home office of sorts. Isn’t it time to make it official? Perhaps you think that because you don’t have a spare room, there’s no way you can have a home office. But that is just not true. Here are 3 simple ways to work a home office into your home and make the most of it!

  1. Make an office “zone” in your home: Instead of a physical space, designate an area of one room as your office by working a desk of some sort into the scheme. Perhaps an area rug defines the space. Maybe you move the sofa three feet and your office zone is now the space left behind it, and the sofa table your desk. 
  2. Is there a hall closet with content that could be reassigned elsewhere? Use that closet to set up a hide-away office. Take out hang bars and add a small built in “desk” shelf. Add ample light, wall shelves, and a chair that can push completely into the closet when you’re ready to close the door for the day.
  3. Have a make-up or dressing table in your bedroom? It can serve double duty as your home office. Add a better chair, matching shelves nearby and voila – home office. Bonus points for both your make-up and your zoom meetings if it’s near a window.