Fall – A Great Time to Sell

When the air is cool and crisp, and the trees are turning, buyers are ready to be out and about looking at houses in the lovely weather! Fall is a great time to sell, and that’s just one of the reasons.

Curb appeal is so much easier in the fall. With the leaves on your trees turning bright, beautiful hues and the addition of some fall decorations like porch pumpkins, you have the opportunity to make the outside of your home warm and inviting. For open houses this time of year, add the scent of candles that smell like apple cider or pumpkin pie. Offer warm cocoa and cookies. 

When you list your house in the fall, you’ll naturally have less competition. Typically, there are fewer properties on the market in the fall so your house will get more attention. With lower inventory comes the ability to ask a higher price as well. 

If your neighborhood is not one that is targeted by home buyers for its elementary school, then the fall is a better time for you to sell. Why? People without kids don’t have to buy a house by August to start school in a new neighborhood. 

Overall, in the fall, you’re more likely to get parties who are actually serious about buying, rather than just people who like to go to open houses for fun. And, these buyers are motivated to be in their new home by the holidays.