Easy Summer Getaway Ideas

This year, make summer vacation easy. There are simple getaways that you and your family can enjoy without a lot of planning, preparing or hassle.

Visit your nearest lake or beach

Within a few hours drive of where you live, there’s bound to be a park, lake or beach that you can visit – even for a day trip. An outdoor summer getaway means minimal clothing to pack and everyone’s happy eating sandwiches from the cooler. Be sure to bring all your outdoor sports gear like frisbees, floaties and all the sports balls. You can easily find cabins for rent in areas like these, and they’ll be happy to welcome you.

Camp in a national park

With 324 national parks to choose from, your family can soak in a spectacular new view of the world. Many national parks and forests have ample camping areas, and offer endless trails for hiking, biking, geocaching, and even horseback riding or kayaking. Pack picnic lunches and explore the day away in the sunshine and fresh air!

Take a vacation from cooking

Tour destination restaurants or wineries in your region. After an excessive amount of home cooking this year, expand your palette with a tasting tour. This could be a day trip, a series of day trips, or a few days stay in another area of your state.

Whatever your plan, keep it flexible and keep your planning at a minimum – that’s key to a summer vacation. Stress free is your goal this summer, and a getaway – short or extended – is a great first step to kick off the fun.