Easy End of Summer Home Maintenance

Before school starts take the last few weeks of summer to get a few easy home maintenance chores out of the way. You can even enlist the kids’ help on some of them! Knock some of these 10 Easy End of Summer Home Maintenance items off your list and you’ll feel more organized once the chaos of fall starts.

  1. Clean the gutters: get them ready and in working order for the fall leaves and rain storms.
  2. Clean out your dryer lint traps: both the one in the dryer itself and the one on the outside of your house.
  3. Clean out your refrigerator: not only wiping down shelves and drawers, but vacuuming the condenser coils on the backside and cleaning under the unit as well.
  4. Look for and fill any cracks in your patio, porch and driveway cement.
  5. Give your air conditioning unit a good cleaning once the heat subsides.
  6. Power wash the exterior of your home, the sidewalks, steps and driveway.
  7. Check your wooden deck and fences for loose nails, missing boards and rotting wood.
  8. Clean the blades of your ceiling fans top to bottom.
  9. Check all your windows and apply caulk to seal cracks between the window glass and its frame.
  10. Change the filter in your HVAC/Heating system to get ready for cooler weather.