Decluttering – Making an Impact

Make an impact this fall by decluttering your home. Less stuff equals more freedom. School will feel less stressful. Mealtimes will go smoother. Finding winter gear and getting school projects done will no longer feel overwhelming. Decluttering your home can make a big impact on your family’s daily lives.

Paper or cloud?

Moving processes from paper to digital can free your house of a lot of paper clutter. Read your favorite books, newspapers and magazines on a tablet. Instead of saving all old homework, take a picture of it and toss it. Save only special reports and projects. Weed your book collection. Scan photos and important papers and keep the digital copy instead of the paper copy.

Are you gonna eat that?

Decluttering your pantry and kitchen can make an impact on mealtime. Get rid of items you’re never going to use – if they are still good donate them to your local food pantry. Clear a shelf to house snacks within reach. Clean out your refrigerator and start using an organized system for items.

Does it stay or does it go?

Evaluate every item in every room. Is it in the right place? Do you still use this item? Gather items that are still good, but no longer useful to you and donate them. Get rid of kid’s clothes and toys that they’ve outgrown. Throw away broken, useless items. Organize and create a place for the items that truly make your daily life easier.