Create a Cozy Reading Nook

After so much time at home, homeowners are now taking the time to turn their parts of their home into the perfect retreat. Whether that’s an after work office respite or a simple happy place away from their “home office”, peace of mind is top of mind. One of the most popular new home installations? A cozy reading nook.

Magazines, books, or ipads – if you’re a reader you realize that having a set place to read your favorite words invites you to do so more often:

  1. Identify a corner, a sunny window spot, a small landing, a fireplace or even an unused room to make your cozy reading nook.
  2. Define the space with wall painting, big art, a throw rug or a giant plant.
  3. Bring in items that make you want to curl up and read: an oversized chair, comfy throw blanket, the warm glow of a lamp, green plants, a vase of flowers. 
  4. Add a shelf, end-table or bookcase to keep your reading material nearby.
  5. Hang a few favorite literary quotes on the wall to remind you of the power of the written word.
  6. Use your favorite color here: it could be the chair, a blanket or a small soft rug or footstool. Your favorite color will continually make you smile, and invite you over.
  7. If you live in a milder climate, your cozy reading nook can even be outside on a porch or patio. Added bonus? The warmth of the sun.