Costs That Come with Selling Your Home

If you haven’t been through the home-selling process it’s more than just receiving money from the sale of your house! There are actual costs for the seller that should be considered when deciding to sell your home.

The Home Itself

Before you sell, you may invest in updates and repairs. You might also purchase a home warranty for the new buyer for the first year to help cover the cost of unforseen repairs to major systems like heating or plumbing. You may pay a home stager, which might include renting furniture. And then there is your cost to move!

Fees and Taxes

Once you sell your home, you will still owe property taxes, pro-rated for the part of the year you still owned the house. You might also have to pay a capital gains tax, depending on how much profit you make on your home sale. You’ll also be paying off your own mortgage – but this amount might be different than the amount on your last statement because of interest charges. And, the seller will also sometimes pay for a new title policy.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents typically charge 5-6% of the home purchase price as their commission fee. Your seller’s agent will usually split this with the buyer’s agent who is not charging their clients. Real Estate Agents will walk you through every step, help you with pricing and paperwork, and generally make the process as simple as possible.