Buying an Older Home – Pros and Cons

Older homes are unique and have character, so it’s no wonder that they are often the most popular ones. 

CON: Everything was smaller in the past

From closets to garages, you’ll find that older homes didn’t plan for the extensive wardrobes or the SUVs of modern day homeowners. Plan accordingly!

PRO: Your home Is the center of the city

Typically, neighborhoods with older homes are desirable because they’re located within walking distance of schools, shops and restaurants. With live-work-play neighborhoods becoming more popular, older homes are now in the right place at the right time.

CON: Updating the function without changing the form

They might not have central air, up-to-date plumbing or energy-efficient windows. Replacing some of these things might be more expensive than in a newer home because of the desire to keep the character of the home intact butting heads with modern building code compliance. 

PRO: An investment from the past for the future

Older homes are obviously in great demand, and as such their value tends to increase yearly. They have mature trees. Older, more established neighbors. And with older homes, homeowners tend to put down their own roots by investing sweat equity into upkeep and preservation.