Buying a Home as an Expectant Parent

Ready to upsize to a new home because there’s a baby on the way? Never fear! You can buy a home before the baby arrives – and it helps to know a few tips to make the process easier.

Figure out your home budget first. Childcare will be a deciding factor that will impact your household income and the amount you’ll be able to allot to a mortgage payment. Get pre-certification for your mortgage before you start looking to make the process smoother and narrow your search to homes that are in your budget.

Think about how many bedrooms you will need for your growing family. You may also need to accommodate visiting relatives. In the world of remote work, a home office might also be a consideration. Research schools, parks and playgrounds in the areas you are targeting. Narrow your search to homes that fit your specific criteria to make your search more efficient and effective.

You’ll want to find a home with kid friendly features. Take stock of stairs, bathtubs, yards, storage and laundry facilities in the homes you’re viewing. These are all things that will become very important to your family’s daily life. Open floor plan houses are very popular with families for good reason – with a kitchen overlooking the family room, kids can play while dinner is made. 

With a little focused research upfront, you can be in the perfect family home for you by the time your baby arrives.