Benefits to Buying a Home in a Planned Community

Modern master planned communities are built with the homeowner in mind – offering easy-access amenities, sought-after locations and the opportunity to build a unique home just for your family. Planned communities are often located just outside of major metroplex areas offering close proximity to the city for culture and dining as well as a short commute to natural greenspace and a comfortable lifestyle

What are the benefits of buying a home in a planned community?

  1. Planned communities often include city infrastructure like schools to give the area a more small-town feel.
  2. The locations for planned communities often include premium outdoor features like scenic views, water fronts, and mature landscaping that is considered when building.
  3. Amenities are built-in to the community: community centers, swimming pools and tennis courts, playgrounds, parks, trails and more.
  4. Planned communities typically offer several builders who can help potential homeowners in the area build and finish out the home of their dreams.
  5. Planned communities are planned to be visually beautiful, maintaining style standards of architecture and landscaping.
  6. Planned community homes are often a better long-term investment.
  7. Because of organized events, shared greenspaces and activity centers in planned communities, people spend more time getting to know their neighbors and develop a stronger sense of community