Bedroom Trends for 2022

Your bedroom is the room in your house where you probably spend the most time. It represents your getaway, supplying comfort, rest and sanctuary. This year, take the time to really make it your own using some of these new bedroom trends for 2022.

A Bold Color Choice: Instead of white or neutral walls, paint one or all of your walls in a color that makes you happy. Blue tones are soothing, while earthy reds exude warmth. Energize in the morning with yellows and oranges. And bring nature inside with a green palette. The trend here is to use color boldly – and then by contrast neutralize your furnishings so that the colorful wall unifies the room.

Unique Lighting For the Win: Whether it’s saving space with a wall sconce, or being dramatic with a sparkling chandelier, choose new lighting that lights up your life. Think about layering your lighting – have low lights for relaxing before bed in the evening, but also a way to instantly add daylight or bright overheads first thing in the morning. Create the atmosphere you want with lights!

Headboard as Art: The headboard of your bed can be the artistic centerpiece of the room. Make it oversized as a statement, stuffed fabric for personality, slipcovered for easy cleaning, or thrifted vintage painted in a bright color (another trend!). You can’t go wrong creating an art piece that becomes your jumping off point for the design of the rest of your bedroom.