Back to School – Get Organized for a Great Year

There’s still time to get your family organized for a smooth transition to the school year. With just a little thoughtful planning you can get it together and keep it together for a great school year. 

  1. Start shifting bedtimes and wake up times from summer schedule to school schedule so no one is surprised (and sleepy) on the first day.
  2. Stock the fridge and pantry with plenty of healthy grab-and-go snacks and lunchbox items. For smaller kids, put items on an easy-to-reach low shelf.
  3. Add a cubby by the front or back door for each child’s jacket and backpack to live. Having a place for everything makes keeping track of school items easier.
  4. Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer on the back of each kid’s bedroom door for school supplies.
  5. Clear a space on your bookshelf for school library books so they won’t get lost in your house and can be returned on time.
  6. Get an extra folder and label it IMPORTANT PAPERS. This is where your child can put school hand-outs, forms that need a parent’s signature, and notes to/from teachers. Make sure they understand the purpose of this folder and keep it in their backpack.
  7. Reinforce independence (and make your workload easier) by teaching children to “take care of their business” – layout tomorrow’s school clothes, make their own lunches, do their homework immediately after school and organize their backpack weekly.