6 Things You Need for a Backyard Oasis

How can you turn your backyard into an oasis this summer? Try a few of these things to make your space relaxing and enjoyable.


Escape from the heat of the day under a shade tree, umbrella or pergola. Having enough shade in your backyard ensures the temperatures stay down and you maximize the time you’re outside.


Add a fan to keep your outside area cooler. Bonus: moving air keeps the flies and mosquitos away. Even a cooling patio mister that hooks up to your garden hose is a refreshing break from the heat.


Add strings of holiday lights to your fence or trees. Torches or candles can also add a warm glow. Solar powered lamps will soak up the sun during the day and light your evening meals outdoors


To complete the illusion of an oasis getaway, make sure you’ve got privacy from the outside world. Add a fence, bamboo plantings, or other large plants to create a barrier between you and your neighbors.


Add potted plants, garden plants and flowering shrubs and vines for texture. Greenery helps relax your mind unwind from the day’s business. And, the nurturing act of watering these plants and helping them grow is a relaxation technique in itself.


Comfy seating where everyone can stretch out and relax is a must. Complete the area with an outdoor rug, throw pillows and tables for drinks and snacks.