5 Ideas for that Extra Room

Maybe your kid has finally moved in to their own place, or you’ve recently decided to convert your basement. You’ve got an extra room on your hands and the possibilities are endless. What can you do with an extra room in your house? Here are some ideas you might or might not have thought about. 

  1. Turn this room into your home office – with an uptick in remote work a home office is more than a luxury, it’s a necessity.
  2. Got small kids (or regularly visiting grandkids)? Turn that extra room into a kid’s playroom. When they’re not home, simply shut the door and the mess is gone!
  3. Cover the walls with shelving, add comfy seating and turn that room into a home library. Escape to read a book, study or do some serious thinking surrounded by walls of books.
  4. Add color, lights, and a bar with stools and your spare room can be your favorite happy hour destination. This is where your turntable, mini-fridge and big tv screen can go as well for home movie nights, dance parties and weekend football watching.
  5. Turn your spare room into the craft and sewing room you’ve always wanted. No more spreading out all over the dining room table. Add storage, shelving and a big work table with bright overhead light and create to your heart’s content.